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Fractional rejuvenation


The facial fractional rejuvenation is a technique that uses laser in fractional mode. This means that instead of a single laser beam, there is a array of rays, much like the flow of water through a shower head. In this way the dermis is bombarded with more than 400 individual beams of 0.2 mm thick. Each of them creates a thermal cylinder inside the dermis that stimulates neocolagenasis and contractures the skin (retraction of the skin), this treatment is one of the best for the skin tightening, small wrinkles, dilated pores, pigmentations and small capillaries. The great advantage of fractional laser and that the entire surface of the skin is not exposed to the laser but only for predetermined areas (grid) so it is possible to accelerate recovery times and speed up repair work.

These treatments are thermal treatments and therefore it is advisable to run them during the winter time of the year but using a non-ablative laser actually this period can be extended almost year-round. Immediately after the treatment the skin appears reddish and slightly edematic but these effects tend to disappear within the next 48 hours. Treatments should be repeated every three to four weeks and the average duration of a full face treatment and about 20 minutes. The maximum number of treatments is not defined but maintenance treatments can begin after the fourth session and run 2-3 times a year.


Kako se pripremiti za tretman?

The treatment you need to get clean skin. You can have a nanešenu cream.

Dali je tretman neugodan?

During the treatment and laser shows, coming to a deep bed of very localized warming. The skin is cooled and the feeling is like a prickling.

Dali se tretman može kombinirati sa drugim tehnologijama?

Absolutely Yes, best results are achieved by combining, radiofrequency, pulsed light and focused ultrasound “] the maximum number is not defined. Often tim

Kada se vide učinci?

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Koliko često se tretmani izvode?

atments need to be run svakh 4 tjednaNakon

Kakva je njega nakon tretmana?

treatment, it is desirable to use a moisturizer, eye cream on the base of zinc until erythema and do not expose to the Su

Dali se tretmani mogu raditi tijekom cijele godine

n. Treatments is best done during the winter period