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Capillary removal

from 40€

The capillaries on the face are just one of the most common aesthetic problems in people who like to sunbathe, go solar, or relax on the summer beach. Usually these problems are located in the area around the nostrils, or cheeks, and often gladly on such skins there are also problems of rosacea or cuperosis. These are the classic symptoms of skin photoaging and the best way to solve them is the use of light sources such as laser or pulsed light with a suitable filter. In our center we use the laser emitting green light (KTP laser) which today represents the gold standard for facial capillaries. Combined with the pulsed light and a suitable filter it is possible to treat this type of problems very effectively even on the décolleté.


Kako se pripremiti za tretman?

The treatment you need to get clean skin. You can have a nanešenu cream.

Dali je tretman neugodan?

Treatment consists in the coagulation of hemoglobin in kapilaru. So it must be osjeitit a burning sensation, but the zone cools so that treatment be as less unpleasant

Dali se tretman može kombinirati sa drugim tehnologijama?

It is possible to do the zone less with a laser and then globally with IPL-om to have unified them the

Koliko je tretmana potrebno?

result. Depending on the issue can be done 2-3 treatme

Kada se vide učinci?

nts. The effects are visible immediately, but must wait for it to pass the redness and any possibl

Koliko često se tretmani izvode?

e krastice. Treatments should be performed ever

Kakva je njega nakon tretmana?

y 3-4 tjednaNakon treatment, it is desirable to use a moisturizer, bepanten, zinc oxide and avoid the Sun. I ca

Dali se tretmani mogu raditi tijekom cijele godine

n’t, the best period is the winter. And this for the reason that after the treatment the skin is lightly lit and each uplani process in the Sun improves pigment again