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Facial rejuvenation

from 40€

Rejuvenating the face means giving it back the features he had in the past. Over time our skin is subject to change. It changes its structure, and so over time, the skin loses elasticity, collagen, changes color, pores dilates, and with excessive sun exposure pigmentations and capillaries are formed and loss of regeneration capacity occurs. From all this it is concluded that there are two important factors that determine the aging of the skin. The chrono aging, that is, the aging given by the passing of time which is in deep correlation with genetics, and the photo aging, the premature aging of the skin in correlation with an over exposure to the sun. Skin rejuvenation methods can be multiple, by chemical methods (chemical peeling), electrostimulation of the facial muscle, coherent and noncoherent light sources application such as laser and pulsed light, monopolar or multipolar radiofrequency, focused ultrasounds etc. All these methods have some things in common, ie with their application the skin is restructured and its structure is reorganized. With some of these methodologies, it is possible to eliminate pigmentations or capillaries, while others raise and tone the skin or muscle of the face and with others work on neocollagenesis and creating new dermal structures. So the best thing is to work in synergy with all the technologies available to get the best result.

Površinsko djelovanje

Removal of pigment spots and capillaries laser/IPL.

Stimulacija dermisa

Radiofrequency empowering the dermis.

Jačanje vezivnog tkiva

Focused ultrasound for tightening of the deeper layers of the skin.


Fracijski Laser