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Laser hair removal

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In our center the epilation is only one way. With light sources. Depending on the problem found, the quality and amount of hair, the skin phototype and the time of the year we use either the pulsed light or the diode laser. Often and willingly, however, we combine the two technologies to achieve maximum results. Although photoepilation is not permanent but is a permanent reduction in unwanted hair, today it is the best way to treat this blemish because during the treatment a photo rejuvenation of the skin is also performed. As a consequence, all the problems inherent in hairy hairs, depilation pigmentations, skin stains, rough skin, with the passing of treatments, gradually disappear.

You can effectively treat all areas of the body of both men and women. The best time to start the treatments and certainly winter, though with our technology and our method you can do the treatments all year long, even during the summer months. It must be said, however, that only the dark-colored hairs can be treated with photoepilation. After treatment and in the following two weeks, the hairs that have reacted will be ejected by the dermis and you will notice that you can remove them effortlessly. Since only the hairs in the active growth phase react to the treatment, only one part will be removed for each treatment. This is why the treatments must be repeated. Decline and every four to six weeks and the number of treatments is not defined but it is common opinion that you need to do at least three or four treatments. After that, maintenance treatments are made, one up to three times a year.


Kako se pripremiti za tretman?

The treatment you need to come clean and shaved skin. In addition to the first review where you just ustanovljeuje condition and the quality/quantity of hairs

Dali je tretman neugodan?

Treatment consists in a vegetative slektivnoj (laser) or not progressing (IPL) termolizi the roots of the hairs, so it must be to feel that the treatment was effective. Treated zone is getting cold, so the feeling of discomfort subjective

Kada se izvode tretmani?

All year round, but best during the winter to avoid the problem of pigmentation after treatment. Treatments

Koliko je tretmana potrebno?

are usually performed in the long series, and this number is an arbitrary, given the problems but it is considered that it is necessary a minimum of 4-5 treatments. First

Kada se vide učinci?

, the effects of treatment are seen after 7-14 days when the hairs that have been in the active stage of growth are falling

Koliko često se tretmani izvode?

out themselves. Treatments should be performe

Kakva je njega nakon tretmana?

d 1 mjesecnoNakon treatment it is advisable to use a moisturizer and avoid the Sun. It is n

Dali je fotoepilacija trajna?

ot however, the reduction of hair which varies from person to person is