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With the term photorejuvenation, skin rejuvenation techniques are described, using light sources such as lasers and pulsed light. Skin aging is caused by two main factors, the  chrono aging, that is observed due the tissue decay during normal life time and photoaging, caused by overexposure of the skin to the sun. In the first category there is the skin laxity in the connective tissue (wrinkles), while in the second are dilated pores, fine wrinkles around the eyes, around the lips, pigmentations and capillaries on the face and decollate, loss of skin tone and dermal thickness.

With the use of the laser in synergy or not with pulsed light we can successfully treat pigmentations, thin capillaries, dilated pores, small scars, redness, and so on. All of these technologies have a common purpose, that is to improve the condition and appearance of the skin. The treatments are tolerated very well. Many programs are performed in the winter and the side effects are minimised. For these reasons today is considered one of the best non-invasive methods to solve the problems of the small and medium level.


Kako se pripremiti za tretman?

The treatment you need to get clean skin. You can also have nanešenu cream, but no makeup

Dali je tretman neugodan?

The treatments were well tolerated, during the same zone is typically cools because it comes to coagulation, pigmentation of the capillaries and other structures and accumulating such heat in the tissue that needs to “pull out”

Dali se tretman može kombinirati sa drugim tehnologijama?

Yes, the treatment can be ideally combined with fractional laser or IPL to act and on the surface issues. Usua

Koliko je tretmana potrebno?

lly 4-6, if desired. The results are stable for the next six months (depending on the age, habits, genetics, et

Kada se vide učinci?

c) the effects are visible almost immediately af

Koliko često se tretmani izvode?

ter treatment. 1 ev

Kakva je njega nakon tretmana?

ery 4 tjednaNakon treatment, it is desirable to use a moisturizer.

Dali se tretmani mogu raditi tijekom cijele godine

Yes, treatments can be done always, however, the best period is the winter.