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RF therapy

from 15€

Radio waves in the range of 250 kHz to 500 kHz can be successfully used in physiotherapy and in pain therapy. In fact, it is known, that passing through the tissues, the radio waves create a deep diathermy that induces a whole series of biological physiological processes such as vasodilatation (dilation of blood vessels), accelerated synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate, our fuel for the cells), relaxation of muscle fibers, and so on.

The best results are achieved with the use of temperature-controlled capacitive radiofrequency. With this kind of technology, the customer only feels an intense heat. Radiofrequency therapy follows the manual manipulation guidelines although localised areas (eg lumbar area, shoulder blades, knee, shoulder, etc.) can also be treated. Along with laser therapy, radio frequency use is now considered one of the most effective ways of treating non-invasive and non-pharmacological pain.


Kako se pripremiti za tretman?

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Dali je tretman neugodan?

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Dali se tretman može kombinirati sa drugim tehnologijama?

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Koliko je tretmana potrebno?

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Kada se vide učinci?

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Koliko često se tretmani izvode?

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Kakva je njega nakon tretmana?

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Dali se tretmani mogu raditi tijekom cijele godine

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