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Ultrasonic cavitation

10min - 30min
US 40Khz
from 30€

The ultrasonic cavitation has been on the market for many years, and its use is mainly found in localised fat treatments. It must be said, however, that this technology is not the best solution for cellulite treatments because cellulite is not a localised fat problem but rather a connective tissue problem . As already explained in the section of the technologies used, cavitation is a physical phenomenon in the liquids in which water vapour bubbles are formed to create movement in the space where they are produced. The kinetic energy delivered by this movement stimulates microcirculation and lymph harvesting and accelerates the release of adipocyte fatty acids. Clearly, all of these effects are on the microbiological level, and therefore completely safe for the treated client, though, however, it is not advisable to abound too much with the treatments.

For all these reasons it is very important that this treatment is combined with manual lymphatic drainage to facilitate the collection of the lymph which is full of toxins. Ultrasonic cavitation treatments can be combined very well with radio frequency in both single sessions and separate sessions. This way we can also act on cellulite that is almost always present at least in the female population.


How to prepare the skin for the tretament?

You need to get the skin clean. You can put moisturizing cream.

Is the treatment painfull?

No, the treatment is a pleasant, except for the application of combined technology with radiofrequency where it perform a deep heating of the skin.

It is possibile to combine the treatment with other technologies?

Absolutely Yes, best results are achieved by combining, cavitation, radiofrequency and hand lymph drainage and by assuming large quantities of water.

How many sessions is recomended?

Depending on the case, 4-8 treatments. And after 3 to 4 a year there are maintenance sessions.

When the results are showed?

In time, after few sessions

How often the sessions take place ?

2-3 times a week

What is the cure after the treatment?

Nothing relevant, assuming a lot of water 

The treatments can be run all year long?