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Weight loss

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One of today’s major problems is definitely localized obesity and fat. The two issues often and reliably correlate, although they may even exist individually. Although most people see these issues mainly as an aesthetic problem, it is actually a medical problem and as such it should be treated. Even though there are still a multitude of technologies, there is only one way to solve the problems of excess pounds, and it is reduced caloric intake or increased consumption. There is no technology with, which a fat man can become lean, but in some situations, technology can help. Let’s see what these are. Firstly, localized fat, those genetically  prepared to accumulate at certain points (men’s abdomen or thighs in women) or cellulite which does not fall into the category of skin fat but a problem with the connective tissue. In these situations, with a variety of treatments with different technologies (cavitation, radiofrequency, aspiration massage), along with manual manipulation (lymph drainage, sports massage, connective massage, anti-cellulite massage), you can achieve very interesting results. But first of all, you have to change your daily habits. That’s why we work with sports centers and nutritionists to give you a 360 ° result. With a proper nutrition, some physical activity, with massage and applying 1+ technologies each person can achieve envious results in a short time.




Učvrščivanje kože

Radiofrequency empowering the dermis.

Eliminacija lokalizirane masnoće