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Acne and treatment

Acne and Piggies as a later phase, the modern is a disease of goats as a result most of all hormonal neravnoteze and some other kofaktora (e.g., stress, menstrual cycle)). Often times mentioned diet and higjena, but in fact there is no let evelike these factors correlation with the phenomenal acne. Acne as such manifested in more ways than one, from Whitehead to the real clean, but all these porcesu, typified by the are with one uplanim State of the dermis, especially in the area around dlacnog of bulbs and zljezde sebaceous glands. In these cases, reporting just an overproduction of sebum which further worsens the condition and enables cvijetanje bacterial flora. Therapy for long-term solvers pristica is really just a dry (in tezih format), although light therapy (with throbbing forehead light or laser in combination with blue metlienskim) gives a very interesting results at the short track. In fact, it is proven that the svijelosnom of 52 reduces the work of the gland, sebaceous glands are those during such therapy can primjeiti significantly less mastenje goats, which predstavkja a good precondition for settling the problem. In addition, they are known protuuplani effects of lasers that are used in the treatment of trauma and pain. Treatments of that type can be weekly or monthly, and the effects remain for several months. The treatments themselves can be combined with radiofrekevencijom, which, by creating a high intradermalnu temperature enables rapid recirculation of the blood and the removal of toxins. Such treatment is symptomatic, so they treat the effects and not the causes for which it is necessary to establish they gave hormonal or other origin. Remember, acne comes from within, and in order to get inside izlecile you need is a good dermatoloska diagnosis.