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Unfortunate side reactions in permanent hair reduction treatments.

Professional light treatments permanent hair reduction was that they made the IPL or laser have their indications and contraindications, and documented side effects from known and unknown reasons.

It is necessary however to say that if the treatment is implements the rule, the possibility of side effects is a little drastic. It specifically refers to the selection of the client (analysis of the colors of the goats and fine hairs, use of eventialnih hormone medicines or taking vitamin K), select a zone (some zones are more sensitive and darker than the other), preparation of the zone for the treatment (cleaning and cooling) and what the j enajvaznije posttretmanska him (again, cooling and application of cream on the base of zinc oxide). If you take care in all of these elements of the possibility of side effects is reduced to a minumum statistically (few%). However, problems arise precisely because these few rules mostly Nick does not stick to it. Some out of ignorance, and in turn the second because they don’t have the time. So it can happen that the zone is treated too potent energy that will lead for sure to high-efficiency (which is sometimes explicit and is looking for when they are very deep, fine hairs), but also increases the risk of sunburn. Burn with laser or IPL-and it’s not a classic burn with Bull because the energy generated under the goats and not above. Ekspertan operator will immediately recognize the goat slowly change color from bright red (erythema) in dark red. That means, if it is not treated immediately with ice and vazodilatacijskim creams, it’s going to the area within 24 hours to degrade in the classical IPL-sku burn. So the area will darken, a goat will be retraktirati and osusiti, okolnje tiko will light up (each is redness inflammation). So nadrazena the goat it is extremely prone to the creation of pigmentation (which are essentially defensive reaction itself goats if the izalzemo to the Sun). If the puck is in addition to the energy prekrdasi (in which case it could be doing wrong estimates of the colors of the goats), it is possible to destroy permanently part of the melanocytes (cells that produce pigment) and thus cause what is referred to as hipopigmentacija (pigmneta retreat). Sometimes, that is a practical note is efak (e.g. at tremana nezeljnih pigmentation). While in the case of hyperpigmentation of the things in a few months the maximum would want to solve their, at the hipopigmentacija it takes years. With this adverse reaction, if the area was extremely hairy (and in stakvim situations must take special care), and if the zone is not a rule prepared, it’s possible to cause Folliculitis (inflammation of hair follicles) with the advent of the pristica or the real scar. In this case, recommend a comforting cream (aloe vera, zink, bepanthen, ..), lightly rinse and clear again avoiding the Sun. They are known also in the literature and document cases of allergic reaction for unknown reasons. But these are really quite rare cases. However, all of the above should not discourage potential koristitelje such services. Upravilu, if the treatment makes no any contact problems. Pigmentirajuce goats, are possible reactions if klinet takes a certain amount of hormonal therapy or enters the vitamim k. terpaija ukljcuje not Hormonal birth control, so you can feel free to be treated.

Contraindications (when not treated) are reduced to:

Diseases of goats

An inflammatory condition of the goats and the early



Treated area for an impacted bowel

Tromboflebitisi on the lower limbs

Related to pregnancy, one has to say that it is a relative kontraindikaciji. In fact, there is no interaction of the laser or IPL-and on the fruit, but the treatments are a priori do not work from leganih reasons (in the case of miscarriages is the easiest way to tell that it is from some treatment), while for example, stitnjaca is not treated because they are still unfamiliar with such fotostimulacije zljezdama. One question was tied also for epilating the underarms. She can carry out per problem, and the only side effects that can occur is reduced sweating (since juice gland, sweat glands). The lymph nodes all came back are too deep to be any interaction.