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Radio frequency and hazards in the treatment of the face

Facial treatments, radiofrequency have become of the exclusive right of a few lijecnickih practice, an integral part of the supply of many aesthetic salons. It’s already been a river, what is that radio frequency and what types there are. In General, it is known that one of the macroscopic phenomena present intradermally warming. Intradermally warming has a number of bioloskih the most important of which is the tuner spomentui vasodilation (widening of the blood vessels) that secondary posjpjesuje oxygenation of tissues (tissue so fare better because they get more oxygen), and make sure that the contraction of kolagentksih spiral with a secondary neokolagnezom (stvaranej new collagen). In fact, it is known that the collagen as such comes in the form of a spiral, and like all other proteins, is sensitive to the change of temperature. If the change is abrupt enough temperature and high, the cable will have a tendency to contraction, and the end result will be visible zateanje goats. This phenomenon could have primjeitit everyone who’s ever worked rejuvinaciju with laser, light, throbbing forehead, or those who are in the summer, fell asleep in the Sun. The goat to be toned. Then where are the possible problems? Problems arise when the treated structure where there are tissues that high temperatures do not match., and there are, for example. nervous fibres. The face is prosarano my nerves and some of them are quite shallow (for example, in the nazolabijalnoj zone, the root of the nose, etc.). If zivcano vakno gets termicki shock, it will light up and with that uplaom may occur and the aggravation of the situation in the form of unwanted transient encroaching paresis of the face. To avoid this, it is necessary always to have under control the temperature (some uredjai have a temperature control) and not dwell too much in some areas that is known to have a lot of nerve fibers on the surface. On the other hand one should not forget to interact with the client because he is the best indicator of dali with etretman rule performs. The temperature that you need to do is okay, 41-42. At such levels, klinet need to feel deeply the intense heat that is on the verge of izdrzive. If you can clearly overdo it for the exposure, and possible surface Burns, but it is a rijedja phenomenon, because it is known as an RF generating heat in the tissue and not on its surface. The burns are possible only if the contact probe overheats. Goats treated with for the RF must be bright red, but not zagsito red. So there’s a whole range of details that may be helpful to perform the treatment well and without side effects.