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They gave treatments cavitation stetni?

It was recently leaked to the public information of how the French waxing on about whether to ban certain non-invasive treatments that serve for the sculpture of the body. In the specify the treatments except carboxiterapije, Mesotherapy, lipolysis injection and radiofrequency, mentioned and cavitation, IE. more precisely, the ultrasound cavitation effect generators at a low frequency. The problem arose when a handful of the treated people with some of these technologies turned to State-run medical institutions do of current socially treatment side effects they had. Your side effects were burns and tissue necrosis. The problem arose most of all with Mesotherapy and carboxiterapije. So global is the question of how much technology you are secure. There is a need to razluciti 2 factors. 1 is certainly pricnipi the work of some of the technology, these same principles on the basis of which we will choose the appropriate working parameters, zone treatment and adequate global client. 2. the factor is a safe operator. Namely, it can’t be any technology that is used for this purpose has no side effects, but it certainly can claim that they are filed, that their outcome is always positive (so fleeting they are) and to javlajaju from known and unknown reasons. So it is with kavitacijom. Cavitation generators that are used especially in the aesthetic salons are definitely too weak to have had any negative impact on a higher scale. Forces are in the instrument level those allowed for appliances for aesthetic use, and as such it is very unlikely that comes to any problems. Problems can arise from a complete ignorance of the operator. That means treating body zones that are a priori not treated (eg. the face) or a few insist on one zone for half an hour. These are the possible mistakes. The power of aesthetic kavitatora is too small to have caused shooting adipocita, capillary or connective tissue so the necrosis in let me make it impossible. Adipose tissue is too tight, and if it is in addition and dry (no water), there is no cavitation effect at all. So the effects that they have are only in the very long run. Adipose tissue is not melting, but most of all throwing out toxins from the body through the lymph and via the urine (as with any massage). So the level of triglycerides is not growing significantly (almost nothing) with treatments and is not liver cavitation on herself more than usual. It is clear that if we have a extremely scrawny person, must watch out, how do we treat the area adomena, because it’s about a recess in which he can get to the resonance the ultrasound. In such cases the tissue treats always horizontally along the plane of the body. Sami tretamni cavitation so I can’t cause any more substantial side effects, however, it is necessary to have in mind that there are mass manufacturer. Some who come from the far East without any certification cannot guarantee that it works with the correct parameters. From all that, the decision was made that such instruments need to commercialize medical certifikacjom. Medical certification gives assurance that the device is constructed according to certain standards and that is clinically tested. Clearly it is not enough that it is a good performance, and complete security. The second part of the story always makes the operator and his knowledge.