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The capillaries and laser

Often times I hear someone say how his burst capillaries. The naive assertion comes from the fact that they are visible as they were before. It is very unlikely that the capillary burst by itself. Niame more often is about the same, and as such he becomes a vidjeljiv.

Should be kept in una to within the human body there are hundreds of miles of blood vessels. Some are nearly in diameter cm (great safenicna vein) while they are not some practically invisible to the eye, where only the erythrocytes (red blood tjelesca) uspjevu pass (1 of 1). So krvozilci system a man is very complex. Aesthetic problems related to blood vessels connection ponavise manifest through the 3 elements:


Dilated blood vessels of the face

Dilated capillaries to the body (a leg)

Dilated veins of the leg


All these elements have some common traits. To make the expansion began, usually there has to be a predisposition (genetic) and a symptom of a possible disease venous system (especially when it comes to prosirenjima on my feet). In this case, it is important to determine the health status of the venous system to the medical examination (colour doppler at flebologa). Namely, enlargement of capillaries on their feet almost always are related with the enlargement of deeper major veins (veins, vein kolaterlane retikularne..) because it is known that the venous wall weak binding and misicnim tissue (compared to arteriej), and often times do you solving incontinency problems and blood pressure (especially while standing on your feet), she of the discount. Percent of the veins have valves, these valves don't grow close a vein in one direction as that in healthy veins, and that old blood stagnates (gravity as we stand pulling blood toward the bottom). This causes the blood itself napuhnuce zile, and that pressure is transferred and on the upper layers of the well formed visible capillaries. Of course, this scenario is not present uvjke, but in a lesser extent always have that element. Today, the dilated capillaries on the legs can rijesavatai in more ways than one, by laser, cam, sclerosation, electricity, radiofrequency, etc. All these methods have in common that their aim is to carry out the contraction of the walls of the blood vessels connection and is so close. The laser that makes termolizom (there are lasers whose light aposorbira in hemoglobin that is red in color), radiofrekvenija termickim road, due chemical etc. However, if the problem is on the medical level, no one method will not give lasting results. To appear will be the new capillaries.

On the face of the situation is a bit povoljnika, because it's our highest point, so the pressure's smallest. The capillaries are usually present on the nostrils, or cheek. Some arise from the work of hyper-exposure to the Sun, some works of trauma (compression pristica). With the use of laser sources are used most of all 2 types of lasers. 1 emits a green color that is perfect for the red component of the blood (KTP laser) and he is navise used for a feature where the capillaries are thinner, the red and the surface. For the legs, there is a good selection of diode laser or Nd: YAG, which is good for darker capillaries. Furthermore at leaning towards the problems there are techniques endoluminarne followed up the veins with laser where laser I via optical nti (probe thin 0.2 mm) introduces in greater capillary and laser light emitted from the inside. With this I can rijesavati tehniko zila diameters up to 12 mm.

It is important to know that if you have problems with capillaries/venama, you must change the life habits. Elasticne socks as the first phase of prevention, and then all the rest of it (massage, watch the type of shoes, etc.).

Laser treatments capillary seobicno performed in more sessions (2-3) and are not too painful. It is enough cooling to goats burning sensation does not feel too much. After the treatment the goat j emalo red and is along the very often stoned zile light swelling and koagulat who are disappearing through 10-15. The Sun should be avoided, and squash are the cases when the skin is thin and light (older people). The Sun should be avoided doing possible pigmentation and such treatments are ideal for the winter period. At the fine kapilarnosti desirable is the laser treatments kobinirati with IPL to unified them the result.