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Hyperpigmentation, melasma, Sun and spots from acne … how to get rid of them?

One of the more frequent problems with the newspaper that the liječniic and beauty technicians encountered are the leather pigmentaicije. With skin pigmentation is necessary to discern if it is artificial (such as tattoos) or natural pigmentation, and make sure that you have given is a surface or deeper dermičkoj pigmentation. Namely, the ones that give a good responst various therapies are epidermicke and dermičko-epidermičke pigmentation. But there also are among those typical work which goes on treatments (lentigo you're wrong!, and senili, hyperpigmentation post acne, once a part of melasma which especially must be words). It should be noted that the pigment changes belong in fact to one defensive reaction of the skin and will always occur when someone is present acts condition or damage to the skin. So, in the first place is always prevention. Typical techniques used in those they consider issues light therapy (laser, IPL), chemical treatment (izbjeljujuće creams and cam. peeling), and some specific devices based on radiofrekvenciji. For home use there are creams that are based on chemical prevorbi of the dark pigment (eumalenin) and the lighter pigments (feomelanin). Namely the fans need to know is that posetoje specifino in charge cells in our skin that produce pigments. These are the tvz. melanocytes and their function is the production of melanin. The melanin is in charge to our skin protects from negatvnih sunanog impact of radiation. Depigmetatorske creams that are meant for home use do not intrude in the production of melanin, IE. they don't have any interaction with malnocitima already being generated and pigmented. Treatments of such nature must be carried out for months, and the final effect is certainly something the "cleaner" leather, but are not able to troubleshoot a specific stain. In the treatment svjetlnosim sources such as laser and IPL comes to the interaction with the pigment and also the station that produces it. In fact, he works their colors listed elements are absorbed most of the energy that is being transformed in partially destroying the thermal (denaturacija) the pigment and the structure where it is located (eg. melanosomi in a x station, or melanocytes that produce pigment). If the operating parameters are not odredje good, can get to the prjekomjerenog "killing" the melanocytes and up to hipopigmentacije (skin without pigment). That's why it is necessary to consider the issue. Once affected by pigments denaturiraju and out through a few days epidermične "stains" are starting to peel and falling off, and these MLOs deeper die off and macrophages eliminated them. Properly carried out treatment in these cases, there is almost always a positive outcome with this table is usually performed treatments in several sessions (2-3). If it is a strictly defined the blur, it is recommended to use the KTP laser sources that emit the color green. The stain is slowly "cook", and she progressively wastes. The code of the General pjegavosti (lenitgo you're wrong!) it is best to use the IPL with filter najenjenim pigmentacijama. They're wrong! Lentigo very thin solar sunspots and great strength is not required to be removed and their relatina rasporstanjenost conditions the use of bigger dekstop table water hladjeni iPL and has. And in one and in the other variant comes to the transient miniuplate of the skin at the treated sites (an effect that is very well vidljih with a laser when the krastica IE. the stain comes off). It is very important the treated zone, good protection from UV radiation. And it's best not to expose to the Sun in no way. You know these treatments work in the winter. In fact, we've said already that any inflammation causes a reaction of the skin in the form of hyper-production of a new pigment. Special attention should be given to situations of glandular origin. Such stains in general are not treated with the light because it can get to the stimulation and worsening of the condition. In that situation partially falls and melasma which is popular says that it is fotodinamična stain. If the stain changes its morphology during the year, svjetlosnoi treatments are los option and then the fans need move on to a professional doctor treatments and in that area there are controversial opinions. If you decide to treat the lesions pigmentarne cam. peeling the dermatologist or surgeon, the outcome can be very advantageous, but the technique does not allows any sun exposure and must be repeated a times. But the result is very monotonous. Cam. peeling enables partial cam. the destruction of the pigment. With all these techniques, it is necessary to choose a good patient. Namely, some techniques are very good in some and some others in other situations. Sunny spots, acne stains, thinner age spots are good for IPL treatments., thicker patches, and they must be strictly defined by a laser, General combination of one and another pathology cam. peeling and laserm etc. In beauty salons in recent times began to use a lot of mikrodermo abrasion. The technique is certainly suitable for cosmetic use and as such can be good for the care and prevention of highly improbable, but it will remove a specific issue, but one should not forget that prevention is more important than just problem solving because if you don't let the problem create, outcomes are always much better.