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Contraindications with epilation laser/IPL-om

One recent post on forum.hr potako me to write few lines again on this topic. Namely, the young man decided to carry out the tvz. Brazilian epilating with the laser because it's his "Auntie", as he called her, she said that there are no problems, but you should do this at your own risk. I advised him not to do it, and now it is listened or not, to know his children one day. To make the lesson reiterated, there are indications and contraindications when applying laser/IPL epilation-and here I will oh once again specify.


1. Do not treat pregnant women-this claim is relative because there is not any medical documentation about any hazards of laser epilation on pregnancy, but surely you can pull some legal lines if what happens at a later stage pregnancy.

2. Not treated an impacted bowel zone-Generally, the interaction of light with zljezdama with inutarnjim izlucivanjem is still not sufficiently examined and save it, and is therefore not recommended to treat this zone

3. Do not treat the sick or the ostecne zone so the goats-open wounds, Dermatitis, allergies, etc

4. Don't treat your eyelids-it of the potential damage to the eye. In such procedures, it is necessary to have intraocular protective skoljkice

5. Don't treat the people under the hormonal therapy and under any kind of therapies (chemotherapy) that have an interaction with the light-outcomes of such treatment can be disastrous as far as subsequent pigmentation

6. Do not treat varicose veins-varicose veins are a great expansion of the veins on the feet of the line more mm, so don't talk about the expanded capillaries that will actually this treatment and help

7. Don't treat your feet tromofletibicne-Works mogecg formation of thrombus

8. Don't treat the holders of pacemaker-a-it is well known that medical certified device have all the props that I can use and with such patients, but it's unnecessary risk

9. I don't are treated epilepticari-Flash IPL could induce an attack

10. Don't treat children and juveniles-only with the consent of a parent napismeni and in these situations it is necessary to think twice if it is maybe not a hormonal condition

11. Don't treat the male genitals-goat is too thin and comes to direct interaction with your testicles and was told that they are not svijetno and glands proucen enough. In addition, they must be testiti to a degree or two cooler than the body, and in such applications is coming to a significant warming

12. Pits can be treated

13. The feminine genitals can be treated with special care, because the skin is darker

14. Vlasiste can be treated even though they are outcomes of a good results relatively niskii