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That lasers/IPL are the best choice for epilation?

Due to the typology of the hair and there is a lot of goats on the type of light sources that are a good choice for that application.

Before, one little digression as for laser devices. Laser device have 2 names. One thing is that commercially, the name by which they are sold. As in the automobliskoj industry say Fiat Punto. While the second name, what it is to be a lot more important, identifies which type of source laserkog has a camera. Parallels with the cars would be the type of engine (diesel, gas, electric etc..). By this second distribution is very easy to identify on which the machine word because more various with the same firm aparta source have almost identical effect in treatments. In this context, we distinguish for example: Aleksadrit, diode, Nd: YAG, Er: YAG, CO2, Dye, a Ruby, Q-swithed Nd: YAG, etc. Here we analyze 3 najcesta on the type of laser that is used most often with us (diode 808nm, Alexandrite and Nd: YAG)

Hair removal is the treatment from whom it's important just a few parameters:

1. the color of the hair

2. the color of the goats

3. the thickness of the hair

4. the depth of the hair


In general there is a rule which is a hair thinner, darker and shallow, and a goat can be lighter, easier we'll epilated with any type of laser for that application (Nd: YAG, Alexandrite, Diode).

1. dark hair and deep, dark goats (Nd: YAG diode so well Alexandrite)

2. hair bright and deep, dark goats (no, but from the 3 best ND: YAG)

3. hair light and deep, goat bright (diode, ND: YAG, Alexandrite,)

4. hair light and shallow, goat bright (diode, Alexandrite, ND: YAG)

5. the hair can be lighter still, goat sviejtla (Alexandrite, diode, ND: YAG)


So, what is the coat can be lighter Alexandrite is a better choice, but his light penetrates plice than ND: YAG laser, which does not fire very bright hair. By the depth of penetration is najplici so, diode, Alexandrite well ND: YAG. By absorption in the black better is the best Alexandrite well well diode ND: YAG. In other words, if we don't want to burn the goat which is dark we can't use Alexandrite than ND: YAG. This diode is something in between.


As for IPL-and, for high quality epilation must be water hladjen with filter of 550nm, very strong and with the possibility of okidanju series of pulses. In this case, the performance is almost as well as the laser.