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How exactly should look like the treatment removal of capillaries/stain by laser/IPL?

Treatments pigmentarnih spots and capillaries light often are needed in medical shifts ordinaicjama. In the beginning, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of stains and capillary kolokaciju (face or legs), and for this reason and recommends such treatments do not work for the salons. It could happen that certain pigment formation substitutes for the usual spots. As I was told I could be treated more or less those lesions that are the surface and those fototipova goats where they are clearly of the same vidjljive. Remember, if you don't recognize a good where the capillary and where it is not, nor will be able to laser. Often times it is for this reason advisable to perform izbejljivanje goats (with depigmentatorskim creams or a leisurely abrazijom) a few months before the start of the treatment. Regardless of the size of the treated zone, the rule is to always treat the less surface at a time. In other words it's not advisable to treat a sudden full leg, for example. The treatment begins by clearing the goats, which is quite important especially for very dry skin. In this way removes the dead layer of epidermicni that would have interfered with the passage of light. Desired zone is cooled and it was the best thing on a maximum temperature of 0 c (so no hiding on a-20 c). In the treatment of capillaries is put a very thin layer of transparentog gel for the ultrazuk. He has the role of creating a better contrast because the capillaries are found under the skin. While it's not stains with the case because they are the ones that can be treated, mostly epidermicne and dermo-epidermicne (therefore mostly surface). After 30 seconds hladjena and placing the gel (in the case of capillary) vrsi show with certain parameters for this application. What is visible now is the izbjelljenje of capillaries (which is at the moment, and I don't mean that he closed it), and with the pigmented stain blackout thereof. After a few tens of seconds of the show a slight edema about stains or along the capillaries which disappears during 24 hours. The treatment is painless, but to be with a regular degree days feels just tingling (with lasers) and snap (surface) with the IPL. Clearly, all that in a professional machine that really do something. After the show, it is necessary to cool down again because to achieve the result usually gives you something more than the necessary energy, so the excess must "get" out from the tissue. This phase lasts no longer than a minute/two. After that, it is advisable to put some osvjezavajucu cream on the base of aloe vera, zinc oxide, or classic bepanthen. Anesthesia in the form of lidokanskog gel is not of any use because it does not work on skin at the Mucosa (so no goats) and that's why it's important the cooling phase again. The redness may last from a few days to a few weeks (depends how deep lesions were), and the usual vase prohibition of sun exposure. Usually this type of lesions treated more than once, and if you don't get rid of capillaries their cause (usually related to problems of the veins), it is not risolutivan in the sense that the capillaries are continuing to occur in other places.