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Why there is no permanent hair removal?

About this topic already times a written, but one post on the famous Web-portal forum.hr potako me again I open this already now this lame-ass theme. So, is there a permanent hair removal. There are in fact people who claim to be x years ago made x treatment with y technology, and to this day do not even have one, fine hairs. However, such people is essentially a little. The usual witness are saying quite the opposite. Why is it so? The problem of elimination of undesirables has sheded a bit right is very old, and lately they’ve evolved a multitude of systems of chemical, on mechanical, laser, x-ray checkups, which all have something in common. Those who enforce them almost always use the word permanent. In order to understand why it’s a lie, let’s analyze the problem. Has sheded a bit right is quite a complex organ (because it is). What we see from the outside, that j esamo stem consisting of outer sheath (the cortex) and the inner part (anime). We can imagine it as some kind of cable for electricity, the copper inside and on the outside plastic. However, this external part is the least important with epilation. What’s more important is what is below the surface of skin. Has sheded a bit right in that segemntu goats there are a lot of elements to a different depth. Erektilni muscle (which raises when the najezimo), zljezna sweat glands and sebaceous glands (which we know for what purposes), dlacni bulbus where there is what is popularly called root hairs and germinativni matrix which is located under the dlacnog of bulbs. There are furthermore a whole network of capillaries and nerve. Why do we even have hairs? Well, that’s a specific genetic code. So already by zacecu can know how many who have hair on the body. Already we’re all threatened to our hair over time are dropping (the hair, the eyebrows, the other hairs), but decrease by up to niakako all. That’s because from the germinativnog of the matrix “give birth” to a new hairs. In it lay the whole story about non-durability of the treatment of epilation. I already pass with germinativnim matrix (which though is not fully developed). In a later age, via hormones (development, puberty, etc) that are part of the hairs activates and begins to produce what will later become rights has sheded a bit right. Someone could say, well, it is enough to destroy it. And in fact, it is so. You need to destroy the germinativni matrix. But. There is always a but. Usually, that part is too deep to make him any mishap arrived tehnologjiom. It’s about a few good millimeters (clearly, depends on the zone, for example a bikini 3-5 mm thick, nadusnica 2-4 mm, etc.). So the only way to be with any energy comes to those layers of the goats is to use a very high power (e.g. lasers). It is well known that people who have suffered burns 2.3 degree do not develop never Hairiness. That’s because the germinativni matrix simply fell apart and they are all cells have wrecked. Clearly, this approach is inappropriate. Furthermore, it should be taken into account that not all the zones of the body rich matrix for germinativnim like the others. For example, the head a lot, armpits, groin, while also let’s say your back less. Also, how much more so it changes every cell has this set of these cells. I can be hundreds per square cm to tisucine. It depends most of all on genetics, but also about the hormonal factor. Not because it’s going to germinativni matrix razmnoziti by the action of the hormone than will be activated from it. All of this explains why they are feminized hairy person and some do not. Once a girl asked when will she irjesiti its has sheded a bit right. The answer was, at a late age. Then most of the germinativnog matrix over its life cycle and the hairs don’t grow any more. It is known with the elderly decrease the hair from the body. In other words as long as women were convinced that they have a more or less has sheded a bit right if you can wax epilation, in essence, that the store is not utijece on any way the amount of already has sheded a bit right only on their quality. Then, if all of that, so why don’t even do any treatments? It is very useful to regularly (several times a year) to make tretmante, because every team treatment we give slight damage to that part of the fine hairs (especially if you are working with a strong coffee). That’s a bit of damage cause will significantly slow down the regeneration cycle of growth, so quality can keep under control. Remember there’s no permanent epilation only reduction of hair growth in a certain period of time. And if you’re a lucky girl, she who was born with weak germinativnim matrix for you, there is a real chance that rijeste them forever, but that’s only about 5% of cases. Others will always have every once in a while to treatments.