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Scars post acne 2. time

It's been quite a lot of the time when the last time I wrote about this issue, so it would be wrong to repeat the material because it is the result of posljenje of the survey was that it was the most problems do that goes into the doctor's Office and showrooms with the goal to solve the problem.
Right from the start is wrong to say that a lot of the tracks, and a complex of skin anomaly that is the result of some previous adverse situations (inflammation, a surgical incision, trauma, acne, etc.). Our goat has a great ability to regenerate, but there is no memory, so that the regeneration taking place at us not aesthetically acceptable forms. In other words, after some damage, the goat whole, but not as good as it was before the new tissue is created already that we call a scar. Scars can be a variety of texture, color, depth, height, width, and most often we share them in several categories:
  1. Hipertroficki scar-goat is raised
  2. Atroficki scar-goat is ulegnuta
  3. Ice pick-narrow and deep holes
  4. Boxed-different ulegnuta, shallow with defined edge
  5. Rolling-big ulegnuca with rounded edges
As you can see, because of its complexity is not so easy to treat this problem. You should take into consideration that the skin is made of several layers, but just the one surface roznati is renewed and on him we can act. In other words, it can also be removed and he will again take it easy create. Often times it is not enough to remove a scar, because he reaches deeper (especially at the Ice pick a guy who's pretty typical for acne). Already by all this is written, it is easy to conclude that the lightweight methods won't do anything on our scars and that help should go to counseling in the medical shifts establishments, a dermatologist or even better kiruga that can combine and some surgical procedures in order to further bolster treatment. Lately more and more talking and laser dermoabraziji. So, to make us a scar removed it is necessary, "rivet one goat." How are we going to do it is the choice of a specialist. Can also be a dry dermabrasion with various acids (TFA or the like), it can be optirati for laser dermoabraziju laser, where they can be goat, vaporised choose mehanicka dermabrasion for grinding plaques. All these methods are invasive type, IE. After the procedure is followed by a long period of recovery. Usually, the surface layer is completely removed and, of course, so liveliramo of the lower layers, but this is only true for the right tissue. Only there will you remove them. All other not invasive, not the ablativne method, the omeksati will a goat, it's going to be a brighter and more beautiful, the holes will be something nicer, but nothing much is going to change.
So it needs to be razluciti when doing Microdermabrasion in the salon and when vaporizacija with CO2 laser in kirurskoj sali. Should also say to the infinite, Microdermabrasion of radiofrequency, dermoigle and the like will give the same effect if the treatments carried out for years, but I doubt that you will be satisfied with that fact. Since the majority of the tissue as I said are too deep, often times it comes under the filling in order to raise, especially in cases of boxed or rolling type. In this way we can remove something smaller and easier to process zone. The filling can work with your own fat (lipofiling) and gives good results. Of course it's about the polukirurskoj technique.
But, then, why are all these fractional lasers, radiofrequency, ultrazvuci, electricity etc? All these methods are very good for the prevention of aging and for return looks younger goats in situations where there are no major problems. Note that these methods only works on the epidermis (povrsinskom layer) and in deeper layers where for example. with neablativnim laser we can act on the amount of collagen and elastin, and make the skin something cvrscom and zategnutijom. It is clear that there will be, and in that case the scars a little "iron", but they will always be there.
As for prosirenih pore, there's the thing dugacija. Enlarged pores are not in the narrow sense of the river oziljno tissue dilatation already existing structures. It is therefore about a small problem and often times it was possible troops (not remove) the use of some of the non-invasive methods that have in common that they operate termicki in the skin. For the simple reason that the table abruptly warming kontraira collagen Helix (some of the proteins) and the structure of a little squeeze. Like when we put the meat on a hot frying pan. Of course it is necessary more sessions and the best results in this podrucuje give neablativni fractional lasers (not time the goat). All in all, the old adage of o.r. Scrubs says, the mark you can download only a small scar, so keep an eye on your skin and if you have problems with acne, lijecite them, do not wait for it to go by themselves because the outcome could be find online how to remove them from the nezadovojavajucim epilozima.