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Rejuvinacija face or rejuvenating

By the term rejuvinacija includes all of those procedures that have a role to rejuvenate skin and altogether is to bring into a State of what it used to be. In fact none of us are born of a wrinkled, naflekan, full of tissue from acne, capillary and the like. All that slowly collect during our life. There are 3 factors that are in a greater or lesser extent responsible for premature aging of the skin. Genetic predisposition, against which there’s nothing we can do, but it is also one of the weaker kofaktora, radicals such as smoking, alcohol, night work, confined space, etc, and the Sun, which is the strongest cofactor. Due to excessive sun exposure, our skin prematurely old. Slowly the DNA of individual cells destroys and is losing the ability to regenerate. Little by little, the skin becomes thinner, they begin to create the stains, wrinkles, pores expands, loses the collagen and elastin which are responsible for the kvaitetu of the structure of the skin and then once we wake and look in the mirror, and when there is all sorts of things. And no, it’s not what we see from yesterday, just until that day we haven’t paid attention to slowly change.

Rejuvinacija as a set of procedure should alleviate some of the above simpotma. I intentionally said mitigated because there is no procedure that will March time backwards, tp must be clear to everyone. That’s why such treatments should start working already in their mid-30s to the existing State of the longer retained. Clearly, in some cases, when it comes to the expanded pores and tiny wrinkles/scars can be enough to defuse, but in general it is worth what it is before it starts, the better. Need to know in any case that these are treatments that must be constantly repeated at least a couple times a year.

Common to all these procedures are the creation of skin mikrooštečenja. Does it works dermarolerom (cylinder with the needles that creates small holes), laser, IPL, radiofrekevncijom, always as a goal needs to have mikroostećenje. For the reason that it is using the possibility of healing of the skin. In this way she corrects. If they are problems related more to the texture of the skin (spots, pores, constriction of the blood vessels), then it is best to use laser (KTP, DYE laser) or pulsating world (filter water-cooled 500nm) specific for these apliakacije. These are lasers that do not “peel” skin already is “clean”, from stain etc. It takes more sessions and the results are visible after a few months when the situation stabilizes. Lately these treatments work with fractional scanners, with the newspaper that the whole procedure takes 15-20 minutes. My face is red and often times slightly swollen, it’s possible to create krastica, but it is important to know that all of these negative effects disappear very quickly. However, don’t expect anything too of one treatment. This for the reason that all of these procedures are non-invasive enough, it’s easy and doesn’t need any anesthesia. So I am slowly coming to the results. In this sense the improvement looks like it can be big because the skin is “clean”.

If the puck comes to structural problems (lack of elastin and collagen), such as wrinkles or small scars the choice comes down to a couple of laser source (that is the main kromofor water), or by radio frequency. That’s because in order to skin a “bad”, it is necessary to practically “cook” or “burn”. Clearly not large areas all at once, and neither the surface layer, it is essential to bring on a high temp (approx. 65C) a deeper layer of the skin. That’s why we serve lasers which penetrate deep into the dermis (1470nm, 1550nm) and that no time is already the skin just “cook”. Percent are collagen and elastin proteins in the form of a spiral, they are at high temperature simply squeeze, as when the place get to the hot pan. At it stands the whole thing. So in that sense, one should be careful not to get burned (that’s why there is a cooling systems), but the results can be very interests coming after. However, if there is no material that can work, the result will stay away. So, the skin must still have some thickness and quality.

From the above, it is clear where the results will be the weakest, the scars. The scar is a specific case of skin damage because it is usually about the recesses not only in the surface layer of the skin, is already in deeper. All of these methods listed will only alleviate the State of a bit. To perform adjustment, it is necessary to make dermoabraziju that will flatten the layers of the skin. It looks like this is just how it was told, but in practice, the holes are too deep and dermoabrazije can not be performed more than once, at least not in the short period of time, so that in this case, you need to be realistic in your expectations. Abrasion can also be dry, or mechanical or laser. It depends on the level of the problem, which will use the technique, but it is necessary to know that unlike all of the ostalij non-invasive methods, this is a relatively invasive and requires home care a few weeks (depends very on the degree of the problem), and it is isključivno by a surgeon or a dermatologist.