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Facial rejuvenation treatments fractional laser

In recent times often referred to fractional treatments with the laser, how it removes wrinkles, scars, spots, melasma, and a lot more. What exactly is he doing? Fractional lasers are like everyone else, there's nothing special in them with one reazlikom. The applicator, which is something the more complicated treatment vrsi and manages to frakcionirati the show. This can be achieve in 2 ways. At the first way we have one single fan laser beam that we can imagine as the water in the pipe. She comes to the headphones black eyeliner and that's where this stack of water routes through small holes. The result is what we call the shower. We all know that it is more comfortable than showering with a broad beam of water. With a laser that has the applicator safety grating off it (mrezicu), the same thing is going on, the cheese of the air is converted in the early resteku of the air. Clear that the size of the mjenjajuci the bars we can vary the surface and air gustocu. This way was one of the first to be used, but today's more popular method by using a scanner. These are optical devices that with the system of the engine and the mirrors directing the thin air laserku already there, where we want. Due to the chosen parameters of the system is that the surface of entire scannow/treat and usually the cleanup, very short. The result of the one and the other methods is that the laser beam is no longer an interaction by one spot already form a zone "izbombardirana" usually at regular intervals (as a sahovska plate). This method is very interesting because it leaves a "blank" Islands (where the laser is not passed) and so allows rapid healing of the goats (goat faster than if I entire was the whole skinned). Doing the above it is clearly concluded that does not depend on the laser source will be laser fractional or not only about the applicator. Accordingly, each laser can become a fractional. It is very important to know, because the question arises spontaneously that the laser for which treatments. We have, for now, the most popular CO2 fractional lasers with applicator. This for the reason that they are to be the cheapest and they said doctors faster better invested in najjeftije as often happens even not knowing what they are buying. CO2 laser is a laser ablative recording surface (he vaporizira a goat) and its application in fractional mode can have some type of pigmentation and povrsinskih again povrsinskih wrinkles and tinier tissue. As for the problem of wrinkles, pores and wearing better mid infrared lasers (1470nm, and 1550 nm wavelength). It's about neablativnim lasers which penetrate deeply into the skin and produce thermal stozce (dots) without vaporizacije. Goats are a lot before recovering and the procedure itself causes neokolagenezu and reparative processes that align the structure. Usually, it is present the redness and slight edema (swelling) for a couple of days, and the procedure can be repeated at intervals of 6-8 weeks.