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Why is it so hard to remove cellulite?

More or less there's no girls today who hasn't encountered the problem of cellulite or how is popularly called naracinom weed. And while the fatty deposits and possible reduced with celilitom millions of women daily fighting and practically bezuspjesno. Why is it so? To say that the cellulite actually disease of connective tissue, so it's not about the rai fats. Is defined as fibroskleroticna or panikulopatija oedematous short diffuse lipodistrofija. Behind those nasty and impossible expression hides a modern disease of the 21st century. A proof of this is that often times our moms do not have cellulite though may be fat. Cellulite is formed primarily from the hormonal neravnoteze. It is believed that today's food and air rich with agents that affect the hormonal system of us and it is possible vdijeti and men with cellulite. In normal condition, the connective tissue (the one that is located between the adipose tissue and the goats), is suffused with a tiny mikrozilicama of the lymphatic system. That combination has the role to collect metabolicke toxins. So this petty zilice have their bandwidth. that is,. the ability to absorb the fluid intersticijalnu. Due to longer factors (hormones and genetics, but most of all, stagnation, pressure caused by inadequate clothes, …) the bandwidth is reduced and thus with the edema, IE. otecenost. It's actually already the cellulite in the first degree. It is also the only fully reversible stage. If at that stage acts, forsirajuci microcirculation and drenazu, it is possible to completely remove the edema. But usually, no one paid attention too much on it and it is a big mistake. In fact, our body has a very good defense mechanisms, and one of these is the realcija on the swelling. If this condition is persistira longer, vrsi, all bigger pressure on the mikrokapilare, the structure is spreading because it collects the liquid, postjece the structure of collagen and elastin are like stressing and begin to "roll up" or fibroblasticne. Agglomeration of these structures creates a mikronuodule (which are poorly visible, but already at the touch of a goat operates thicker and rougher, there's no one your own jednolicnu structure). Already in this 2 stage of cellulite, once formed mikronodule is very hard to break with non-invasive methods. Very hard, but since it is constantly creating, fresh made it somewhat more possible (for example, opusitit. with a strong radiofrequency and Diathermy that causes tissue is simply omeksa + always tissue massage and lymphatic drenaza). When you get a lot of such mikronudula to the Association, there are makronoduli and that's what is visible and tangible. Such a structure it is not possible to destroy the non-invasive methods. That's not possible because the structure is too tough, and yet has a certain amount of elasticity. Like if you wanted to smash the ball of hard rubber. This phase is the third degree. If degradation continues, comes to the suspension kits and microcirculation to the necrosis of the connective tissue. In that case, virtually nothing but special kirurskih technique can help. What, then, is it possible to do? In fact in a healthy person, 4 degree is not present, but the first three are present, in smaller or larger proportions. However, edema, that is. the first stage is the most prisuta, and on it we said we can act. Considering that it is necessary to act on the microcirculation favourable techniques must be radiofrekevencija and that monopolarna because it penetrates, something deeper and lymphatic drenaza and mehanoterapijska tissue massage. These techniques will help to structure a bit up in order to ease the "unloading" via drenaze, but certainly not unisiti makronodule (which I can do, say 20-30% of the entire cellulite with young people). Makronodule or rather fibroticne threads that connect them (those Hollows, as if something nateze skin from below), it is possible to destroy the very povrsinskom laser lipolysis with mikrokanilama and it's in to be the only technique that guarantees some sort of result. But, in essence, it's all in the prevention. Celilit is a disease, and as such it should be treated. Tissue that do not have good circulation, do not get oksigenizirana and slowly dying. The proof of it are and thermography that show that the areas are obuhvacena by cellulite is usually a few degrees cooler than the rest of the body. That's why girls, prevention. Already by drinking the night water, detoxification, pospjesujemo the amounts of, and that is a prerequisite for the fight against cellulite. And remember, there is no predljetnog treatment. It is necessary constantly to work on yourself.